Children’s right to play is a matter of spatial justice – Playing Out

Reflections on our conversation with George Monbiot on children’s freedom to play out, and the links between safer streets and climate justice.
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It’s that time of year guys!

When fluffy, forgiving tee mounds become hard, unyielding tee boxes you can’t stand your tee in!

Also, green side bunkers become water hazards

But after a shaky start I began to feel a bit more at home in the new environment. Winter golfing? Bring it on!

So…..Here We Go!

After allowing procrastination to steal much more time than it should, my fingers are finally doing some tapping but my brain is still asking, “Why?”

Why are you doing this when the COVID-19 pandemic is shaking the foundations of society?

Why are you doing this when there are so many more important and urgent things demanding your attention?

Why are you doing this when you could be trying to sort out all the problems your family will have to face both now and in the foreseeable future?

You could be could be cuddling up with Carol and wishing the rest of the world would go away and sort its own problems out.

You could be grandad – you really enjoy that and seem to be pretty good at it.

You could playing your bass.

You could be playing golf.

You could be delving into your ancestry.

But you’re not!

There better be a good reason why!